Harmless April Fools Day Pranks – terrific tricks That You Can Do This Year

Harmless April Fools Day Pranks – terrific tricks That You Can Do This Year Posted on July 22, 2017Leave a comment

best business blog sites best entrepreneur blogs 2) Hillywood Show Twilight Parody: I am a fan of the movie Twilight and I was not sure, when my friends sent me a link to a parody if I wanted to watch it, but I gave the link a shot. Best choice I ever made the Hillywood show does a fantastic parody that while it pokes a little bit of fun at the juggernaut that is Twilight does it in a way that is not mean. Using a fantastic mix of Katy Perry’s Hot ‘N Cold they show us some great scenes from Twilight. Bella getting sassy with Edward is what a lot of us wanted to see her do, not that we do not love Edward. While you are checking out the Twilight Parody check out their New Moon Parody as well…and if you are a Twi fan, you can catch Hillywood at any of the official Convention stops as the hosts.

My number one favorite top style gag gift idea for teenagers is the farting gnome. top fashion blogs will pass gas and say funny comments about farting every time someone walks by it. This farting gnome has hidden motion sensors and takes two AA batteries which are not included. This farting gnome is sure to be a huge hit with your teenager on top pranks, especially the boys!

At the end of her 3rd year, my daughter Brittany began the annual birthday countdown tradition. http://articlesofstyle.com/ has always encouraged this since she loves birthdays and has always wanted our kids to feel extra special on their special day. Brittany’s annual birthday countdown begins on best blogspots Day. MOM, travel blog sites , only 13 more days! Early each morning we were greeted with MOM, DAD only ____ more days.

If you’re blabbing on and on about how your home based business is the greatest and how much money you can make it will never ever go viral. Most viral news are funny and random. If best site to blog on want a plain old marketing video that’s fine but if you want a viral news keep it fun, light and don’t take yourself too seriously.

mentalfloss com top 20 fashion blogs Have a competition to find out who is the funniest student in the class. Have those who would like to compete create a short comedy performance, and pick a few judges to score the skits.

blog site s If you work in a complex with ceiling fans in the offices, place mini-marshmallows or shredded paper on fashion blog best of the fan blades. After travel blogs best complain that it’s a bit warm in the office and when someone comes to your rescue by flipping the switch for the ceiling fan, it will snow paper or marshmallows.

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